Avengers: Endgame Spoilers Have Leaked Online, So Be Careful Out There


Avengers: Endgame Spoilers Have Leaked Online, So Be Careful Out There

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo issue response to Endgame spoiler leak and Marve’s subreddit goes on lockdown.

What If Avengers Endgame Ended Like This?

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EVERY New MARVEL Movie EXPLAINED – Multiverse Saga and AVENGERS 5 & 6 Breakdown1

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get EVEN BIGGER with tons of new TV shows and movies now announced at San Diego Comic Con. We break down every new release, what it means, and explain the new footage unveiled at SDCC.

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Written and Edited by Colton Ogburn (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_jYlGRqw02GGUNLkHmi69w)
Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)

Welcome to ScreenCrush, I’m Ryan Arey. And Marvel Studios San Diego Comic Con 2022 panel revealed A LOT.

We got our first trailer for Wakanda Forever and the introduction of Namor the Sub-Mariner.

A new trailer for SheHulk featuring fellow lawyer slash crime fighter, Daredevil.

And the full slate for Phase 5 of the MCU. Featuring new shows and movies such as Captain America: New World Order, Daredevil: Born Again, and the long anticipated Thunderbolts. [clip, Peter’s head explodes]

And as if that wasn’t enough–we got the announcement of not one, but two new Avengers films releasing a mere six months apart in Phase 6. [clip, quadruple Peter’s head explodes.]

In this video we’re going to break down every show and movie that was announced at the Hall H Panel for Phases 5 and 6 of the MCU–which we now know as (pause) The Multiverse Saga. [clip]

First up, Antman and the Wasp Quantumania, coming February 17th, 2023. This is the third installment of the Antman series and it will be the theatrical debut of Kang the Conqueror. [clip]

Footage from the film showed Scott Lang and Kang having a conversation. Scott tells Kang that he’s an Avenger, to which Kang responds, “you’re an Avenger? — Have I killed you before?” [clip]

We also got a look MODOK [clip]

And Bill Muray seems to be playing someone Hope Vandyne met during her many years in the quantum realm. [clip]

We think Antman Quantumania will no doubt be giving us a deeper understanding of how the Quantum realm works–along with its connection to the multiverse. [clip]

Next up, Secret Invasion. Coming to Disney Plus Spring 2023. Not much was revealed about the show, but we did get some footage of Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury. Along with confirmation that Don Cheadle will be appearing as War Machine. [clip, boom you looking for this?]
It’s also been confirmed that part of this series takes place during the blip. And during those five years is when the secret invasion took place. Likely meaning that the Skrull’s are imitating people who blipped away.
So when those people blipped back after Hulk’s snap, there would now be two versions of them walking around. It’s giving me real Invasion of the Body Snatchers vibes. [clip]

Remember, just because the Skrulls we’ve met so far have all been nice, doesn’t mean they’re all good. [clip]

Next, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, coming to theaters May 25th, 2023. [clip, Starlord “buh buh buh buh booya!”]

We got our first look at Will Poulter as Adam Warlock, a character fans have been clambering for for years. After he was teased in the post credit scene of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 [clip]

Fans hoped that meant he would be in Avengers infinity War, considering how big of a role he played in the Infinity War comic.

We also got confirmation that Chukwudi Iwuji will be appearing as the High Evolutionary. [clip, Peacemaker dance.]

The High Evolutionary is a man by the name of Herbert Windem. He’s obsessed with evolution and has made it his life mission to advance life perfection. [clip]

We recently did a video theorizing that the High Evolutionary would be appearing in Guardians 3. And that it would be revealed that he played a major role in the creation of Rocket Racoon. [clip. Rocket’s scars.]

Footage shown at the panel featured a shot of a baby Rocket Racoon with a large hand reaching for him. Likely the hand of the High Evolutionary.

Guardians 3 will give us the long awaited origin story to Rocket Racoon that they’ve teased in volumes 1 and 2. [clip, Rocket “I didn’t ask to be made!”]

#marvel #SDCC #MultiverseSaga

tom holland spoiling stuff for 4 minutes straight

hi guys! i know this has been done before but it was requested and i just love tom with my entire being so honestly why not! can’t wait to see what he spoils for endgame. enjoy !

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INSANE DETAILS In AVENGERS ENDGAME You Only Notice After Binge Watching The MCU | Easter Eggs

INSANE Details I Noticed In AVENGERS ENDGAME After Binge Watching The Entire MCU Infinity Saga. We break down some crazy things you missed in Endgame that pay off things set up in the MCU.

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I have watched Avengers: Endgame an INSANE Amount of times.

Whether it’s the way it closes out the saga or just the nice little callbacks in the movie, something keeps calling me back.

I’m currently in the middle of making a big watching order video for all the Marvel properties and over the last eight months I’ve watched everything that falls under the umbrella. Whether it’s Agent Carter, Agents Of Shield, Cloak and Dagger, Daredevil or the movies themselves, chances are, you name it, I’ve watched it.

With all this info stuffed in my head I’ve noticed some crazy details in Avengers: Endgame and throughout this video I’m gonna be breaking down some of the best things that most people have missed.

Infinity War Details

Ok so one of the best things about Infinity War and Endgame as a whole is that the latter pays off so many minor things in former that the Russo Brother’s should be applauded for their sheer amount of attention to detail.

Both movies were filmed back to back but even so there are still some tiny little self-referential things that show not only character detail but also add to the world building.

When talking to Doctor Strange, Tony Stark and Wong, Bruce Banner is surprised to learn that Ben and Jerry’s have named an ice cream flavour after him. This gets a big followup in Endgame when we can see Hulk eating it during the planning stages of the time heist.

Also in Infinity War, Tony uses a nanotech shield to cover himself from an attack by Thanos. This severely depletes his supply of the microscopic machines and leads to him being almost killed by the Mad Titan.

In order make sure this doesn’t happen again, in Endgame, Stark instead uses an Energy shield as protection which won’t put a drain on his armour.

Clearly he has learned from his mistakes and he’s not the only one either.

Throughout Infinity War after Thanos manages to get his hands on two Infinity Stones, he removes his armour, believing he is now invincible. However at the end of the movie the character is almost killed by Thor and thus when he makes his attack at the end of Endgame, the younger version of the character realises that it’s probably sensible to keep his armour on.

Everytime Thor attacks the villain in the film he goes for the head. This was of course set up in Avengers: Infinity War when due to his need to gloat he went for his chest rather than an instant killing blow. Because of this Thanos was able to wipe out half of all life within the Galaxy and retreat to the garden.

In Endgame he’s here to kill him properly this time and from their first meeting, all the way until the final battle, everytime Thor clashes with the character he aims directly for his head.

During this fight, we watch the awesome moment in which Captain America lifts Mjlnoir and gains the power of Thor. As Thanos cannot lift the item he instead grabs Cap’s wrists rather than the hammer itself.

Cap’s armour has scales on it and you can actually see these under the upper layer of his outfit in Infinity War. These scales first made an appearance in Black Panther and could show that after dropping of Bucky in Wakanda, Shuri gave him some upgrades.

Earlier in the film The Hulkbuster grabs Thanos and you can see that the left arm on the armor is unpainted.

Age Of Ultron

Thanos also breaks Cap’s shield similar to the way that it was destroyed in Tony Stark’s vision all the way back in Age Of Ultron.

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